Cult Film Club "No Tipping" Sticker Pack!

Image of Cult Film Club "No Tipping" Sticker Pack!


Included in the CFC Sticker Pack are 4 die-cut stickers, measuring between 2.4"x2.4" and 3.4"x2.4", featuring the CFC Logo, Official Membership Badge, our mascot the Phantom Ticket Taker, and the one, the only Mr. Pink!

We here at the Cult Film Club are totally siding with Mr. Pink when it comes to the idea of "No Tipping", at least receiving them that is. We'd love your support in helping to cover our costs, but instead of holding out our grubby hands for a tip or donation we've got these rad stickers to sell you! All profit goes directly into paying our podcast hosting and equipment fees.

Plaster these on your car, Trapper Keeper, or your favorite pet!

Also, this first batch is limited to only 40 sticker packs, so buy one like right now! ;)

Thanks for helping to support the Cult Film Club.